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Common Turbo failure Ford Renault Peugeot Citroen 1.6L

One turbo application which is hot in the aftermarket is the 763420-0002/3/5 and 40173.07506 fitted to the Peugeot / Citroen and Ford 1,6L DV6TED4 engine.

Customers are experiencing a very high return of original now or teconditioned turbochargers which are creating a high level of warranty. The problems are being created by a high carbon build up In the engine whore the oil level is allowed to run low, this leads to poor oil quality and low outlow which in turn loads to turbo failure.

The carbon build up is very difficult to remove from the engine and involves a complete clean up of the oil pump, oil sump and a change of turbo oil feed pipe. Many vehicle owners are reluctant to pay for this extra work on top of the cost of a new turbo and the result is a second failed turbo, It is extremely important to make your customer aware of this prior to selling or repairing the turbo to avoid warranty claims, Many customers are supplying an oil feed pipe and information leaflet with each turbo to try and tackle the problem.


For the 763420 turbo, to help make the turbo more robust, It Is possible to change the shaft and wheel and thrust iconfiguration from small ID journal bowing (1102-015-103) and small pad thrust bearing (1102-015-770) to standard ID Journal bearing (1102-015-101) and large pad thrust bearing (1102-015-780) by using 1102-015-441. This shaft is actually from the 740661-2/3 Hyundai application. The wheel head and profile are Identical to the 783420 wheel but it is fitted with a standard 0115 straight shaft allowing standard 0115 repair parts to be used. All piece parts parts are now available in ScrollProducts.

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